Knotty Girl
Sat 13 Aug 2016 19:56
After another really nice pre-breakfast swim, with for Renée and Olga some goats viewing while in the water, we motored off towards Ay Aufemia on Kefalonia Island. On the way Olga received a lesson from Roberto on how to do the “noeud de chaise” and quickly became an expert! We arrived around 11 am - yet had to wait until we were granted a place to moor as the harbour proved very busy. While the girls were finishing packing, Roberto carefully protected the boat with fenders on all sides as there was a bit of wind and the boats on each side were at 5 centimetres from Knotty Girl. The full girls group went for a last lunch in a nearby restaurant on the harbour, which had a nice view, yet the Greek salad was “medium” and the Greek pie only OK, nothing outstanding for sure! As all good things had an end, Renée, Olga and Kim left on a nice limousine to Kefalonia airport for their flight to Geneva via Athens.

Roberto and Tanya spent the rest of the afternoon doing some repairs, checks - for Roberto - and food shopping for both Tanya & Roberto. After an aperitif on the boat we went to eat at “The Local”, a restaurant a bit further from the main area, which proved absolutely excellent, very simple food, but nice service and good meat - thank you Trip Advisor.