On the way to Corinth: Limin Petalas

Knotty Girl
Sun 14 Aug 2016 19:00
After a nice breakfast, we slowly  (as we had the find behind us of around 10-11 knots, we sailed to Fiskardho where we did a small tour in the marina given that Roberto’s friend, Vincenzo, recommended we see the place which he called the “St.Tropez of Kefalonia” - cute little village for sure, yet not sure I would call it so!  It seemed very crowded so we decided to continue our route, half sailing, half motoring as the wind was extremely irregular due to the numerous Islands. We stopped for a swim in a dream bay (clear turquoise and dark blue waters, white surrounding rocks and a white sand beach surrounded by green trees), on Atakos Island, called “One House Bay”. While we were anchoring, a motor boat approached us to ask if we could anchor a bit further in the bay as they were expecting the owner of the island on his boat! Roberto being very gentleman like agreed and we re-anchored a bit further and 5 minutes later appears a big horrible motorboat of the owner who horned for 5 minutes announcing “his arrival” in “grand pompe”!! A black goat seemed to hang on a white rock opposite our boat, just amazing how agile these animals are!

We then motored to Limin Petalas in a big bay - sort of pond supposedly know for having lots of mosquitos - so our Captain prepared the boat accordingly, setting up the “moustiquaire” on each “hublot”. Yet, luckily none was to be seen but the water color was not so inviting, which means that we immediately went to aperitif time and given that the wind came up, we decided to again do our grilled dish in the oven’s grill!