On route to Gibraltar

Knotty Girl
Wed 27 Sep 2017 08:15
36:30.757N 3:28:.692E here we go we finished our second night mostly motoring and walk up in a slight mist but think enough that we no longer see the Spanish coast that is at only 4 miles! We left Valencia on Monday at 13:45 after the remaining of our crew arrived and after we had to wait for 2 hours that some last minute work was done on our brand new deck!! We had very good sailing conditions for about 30 hours with wind pushing us in the right direction! Yesterday towards sunset we saw what we initially thought was 3 dolphins but that in fact when they came close we realised were ! Just amazing they seemed to be smiling!! We expect to arrive in Gibraltar late tonight so will have to slow down as we want to arrive during day light! Good salads, pasta dishes moral up!!

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