Next Summer Roberto & I do our vacation separately...

Knotty Girl
Thu 8 Aug 2019 21:23
42:45.826N 008:56.798W
… because where we are, namely at Marina Portosín in the Ria de Muros, in ten years there has NOT been such horrible weather and wind…a Irish sailor who sails in the region since many years told us during the aperitif tonight and last Summer, when we were in Norway - not by boat though, it was 35 degrees all over Europe EXCEPT in Norway *south” where we exactly were… so now we want to know who is the culprit !!!

But of course we do not let our moral go down and yesterday after our 1 hour of sailing from Muros where we anchored the night before and ate AMAZING sea food at “Casa San Pedro”, we took the local but which, remember we are in Spain, arrived 20 minutes late to Noia and visited, the town under the rain. It has some nice places but we would not have travelled 2 hours to get there. Today given the rain and strong wind, we rented a car here at the Real Club Nautico de Portosín, the service is extremely efficient and good and the place has a very nice view on the Rias - we we hope we will admire before we depart on Saturday :)

We visited the city of Pontevedra which is situated in the end of of the rio Lerez in the Ria de Pontevedra and which is very charming, in particular the Praya da Lena et Praza da Verdura, and the Basilica de Sant Maria la Mayor and ell Santuario da Virxe Peregrina which has an original architecture in the shape of a "coquille Saint-Jacques" - the emblème of Saint-Jacques de Compostel.

As the weather and as far as I am concerned the sea temperature is not very inviting to go in, and as Cecilia never went in a thermal bath we decided to travel to Ourense, for her to test bathing in a natural thermal ponds and in particular the one mentioned by our guide, namely : Chavasqueira. We still do not understand where the amazing pictures in the guide come from as it was only 2 small ponds with hundreds of youngsters in them all very noisy ! We walked along the river shore on both sides hoping to fall on other points but without success, yet we did see the famous Shrouds Bridge which has a very interesting architecture and which you can climb - which we did and from there you have a beautiful view on another old beautiful Romanian bridge. During our visit in Ourense no rain and 28 degree, almost too hot for us :)