Vilagarcia de Arousa

Knotty Girl
Sun 18 Aug 2019 13:41
42:36.096N 008:46.143W
Cambados is an old city situated in the edge of Ria d’Arousa, south of Isla de Arousa. The small historic center is very charming, in particular “Pazo de Fefinans. Cambados is the capital of the Albarinos, the local white wine which we were very pleased to discover during this trip as some of them are actually quite good ! In the morning, we visited this small town and arrived in the middle of the “mass” in the Church on Pazo de Fefinans and in the middle of a local procession (15 aout oblige !) where local were disguised with huge masks. We also stopped in a local Pasteleria where Yann enjoyed a huge croissant full of wipped cream and were Olivier tested an almendras cake which we found so good that we bought a big one for the entire crew. On our return to the boat, we passed in front a “Mariscadoria”and I decided to stop to see if they would be willing to sell us fish or “coquillage”’. By total chance we first spoke to a mariscadora (ramasseur de coquillages) who said he saw us arriving the day before and contributed to us being able to buy FRESH oysters from there. We then headed to Illote Guidoiro Areuso, the local “Caribbean” Island were we anchored for a swim - yesssss a swim in quite cold water but as the sun was shining and the beach was inviting we thought, if not today, then when ?? This island was populated with sea kayak as many people joined the island with them, very colourful indeed ! We then had a wonderful sail to Praia de Corna, next to Puerto de Palmeira where Danièle and myself were spoiled with a wonderful dinner (including Oysters) by our respective men, Olivier and Roberto for our joint birthday ! The next and final day we motored and stopped in front of Ila de Cortegada. During the trip and while we were anchoring we saw many dolphins jumping and having fun what a treat ! Yann was also granted a special dolphin tour with Roberto in the dinghy to see them from closer. The Ila de Cortegada is a national park and part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. We had a nice walk on the island, where we saw ruins and big “lauriers” trees, quite rare to see. The smell of Eucalyptus trees was very nice ! 
We then headed back to Vilagarcia de Arousa were our friends treated us with a delicious sea food dinner in the Yacht Club Restaurant as the rest of the town is not to be visited...