still in Itakha

Knotty Girl
Thu 11 Aug 2016 17:25
We woke up with the sound of waves landing on the nearby beach and gentle winds in turquoise/green clear water which invited us for a pre-breakfast swim. Had breakfast and motored towards the port of Vathi on Ithaka to pick up Yannis - owner of a Dehler 35 that we met by chance last year in a harbour in Sardinia - Renée who was with us, recognised him as he was following the same boat permit training in Geneva as we did - who is Greek, yet lives with his wife Suzanne in nearby France as he works for CERN. Yannis was with a friend, Ioane, and they had just spent 3 almost sleepless nights crossing from Sicily to the Ionian Islands. Renée, Olga, Kim and Roberto took advantage of having to pick up both of them with the dinghy to visit the small town of Vathy and buy a few things, while Tanya prepared lunch and relaxed on the boat. We then motored 10 minutes to anchor in the bay Ak. Dhexia in the big Vathy bay. From the boat we saw very nice sand beach with “olive” trees. We ate a nice lunch made of potatoes tortilla and Greek salad, except for the cucumbers! We all had a nice swim in a water that seemed to have current as there was about 17 to 18 knots wind in the bay, yet that, temperature wise, was still amazing! We motored our guests back to their boat before preparing the boat for some wind and directing ourselves towards the island N. Pera Pigadhi, yet we were very disappointed as from 18 knots the wind fell to 4 knots - so we had to motor for some time before being able to again our the Genoa and main as the wind came up to about 12-14 knots. We moored in 20 meters water - having to try three time as the seabed was with seaweed and hence the anchor did not hold at first, but finally it did. -between N. Pera Pigadhi and Nisor Ithaki - in a magnificent bay. Our captain prepared us a refreshing “aperol spritz” that was served with vegetable dips, plus some non healthy snacks for our captain! Our dinner, which was planned to be “on the grill”, ended up in the oven’s grill as there was too much wind on the deck. We even tested eating inside on Knotty Girl beautiful wood table.

Renee then suggested we watch a greek movie, called “Rembetiko“ but Kim decided her book was so good that she would prefer reading and after a while Olga decided the same and Tanya too as they both did not hook on the movie. Roberto and Renée did not finish it either as it was becoming too late and decided to opt for their bed.