Knotty Girl
Thu 18 Aug 2016 17:04

18 August 2016
We left a 10 am and motored to the next bay for Tanya’s morning swim, yet upon arrival there, Tanya was still not happy - she is now over spoilt with swimming in transparent waters that anything that does not resemble this, is not good enough! - so we continued till the South West of Nisos Agkistri (and between it and Nisis Dhorousa) were we anchored in a beautiful bay, on an island that had trees from different colours, in the greenish and reddish colours. While I was swimming a beautiful woman of about 65/70 years old came on a canoe as she was accompanying a person (I believe her son) who was swimming till the beach and passed in front our boat to say that they too were Swiss and that she thought our boat was beautiful! We had a nice chat about the different place in Greece, an exchanged a couple of tips. She was coming from a magnificent boat that looked like a Kaik but that she told me, was much more comfortable and adapted to the sea. They built it in Greece.

We then continued and sailed a bit - the wind was very irregular in direction and speed until we reached Poros where we passed in front a hotel we had considered as an alternative for our wedding party, yet when we arrived there, we realized that the pontoon was not solid and big enough to hold Knotty Girl and that while the place where the hotel was well located, the hotel itself was really not nice, so we did not even stop. Passing through the town of Poros with the boat was great as it is a typical Greek village and the sea passes just in front of it. We then moored in a bay very close to the village to go on shore with our dinghy and explore a bit the village with in mind our wedding party, but could not find a suitable place.

We then ate dinner on board and Roberto spent hours reparing one of the davits - luckily he is patient and of course had to do this at night…