Land sighted!

Knotty Girl
Fri 28 Jun 2019 11:15
43:13.151N 10:05.052W

After 6 days at sea and around 950nm sailed, we have sighted the North West coast of Spain. Sailors for thousands of years have said that you can smell land before you see it, but that hasn’t happened in this case given the waft of breakfast has rather taken over. Yes - Pierre is "at it" again in the galley…

This brings to an end another fine chapter in the cruising diary of “Knotty Girl”, because at around lunchtime we will cross over the path made by Roberto & Tanya as they headed south from the shipyard in the UK where she was built. Crossing your own line is a big moment in the life of any yacht and her owners, and this is no exception. It is a moment to reflect on friends made, memories forged, fish caught (or not), and new places yet to discover. For us, the crew, the warm glow of a Spanish summer evening beckons, as we expect to be in La Coruña by about 8.30pm. Hopefully, that will be followed immediately afterwards by a very large glass of Rioja and a well-chosen seafood restaurant!

Hasta luego,

Alastair, Dan, Nadia, Samira, Pierre & Roberto