Anchored in front of Petriti, Corfou Island

Knotty Girl
Sat 6 Aug 2016 17:57
Morning spent to do the last preparation for our departure under a very very warm weather! 12:30 finally we let loose our mooring lines and left Corfu to motor to Ormiskos Valtou Bay on the Greek coast - which was green like a lake and totally flat water. As we were anchoring Tanya saw huge “flying fishes” and the rest of the crew thought she was drunk already - but then they saw them with their own eyes and had to admit I was right! Yet, they still did not believe these were “flying fishes” and thought they were some sorts of regular fishes followed by bigger predators, yet were not able to name any of the predators… Kim and Tanya took advantage of the wave less sea to do a lot of swimming and Olga encouraged Renée to do round the boat “peddling” tour - aqua gym style… ! Then Olga and Renée decided to explore the rocks close to the shore in search of fishes but came back disappointed - none was to be seen! Around 5:45 pm - as we did not want to arrive at our night anchorage by night, we left this very wild lake like area to sail - yes we did put the sales up for a little while (7-8 knots) - to Ormos Levkimms back on Corfu Island. Olga and Renée, to ensure we had a proper apperitive, spent a lot of time preparing the vegetables and its delicious dip. The Main bay being over-crowed already, we decided to moor a bit more along the coast is a vey nice area that overlooked some beautiful houses hidden behind trees on the Island. Roberto - who read that the restaurant Leonides had “excellent” octopus salads offered to go there and pick some to complete our appetitive - of course the crew approved with enthusiasm and off he went with Tanya to the restaurant where the owner was waiting for us to help us tie our dinghy - which we thought was a nice gesture. The card looked so nice that we of course did not stick to octopus salad and also took octopus in vinegar and moussaka. The octopus in vinegar, which we had added to our appetitive accompanied by a bottle of Champaign offered by Renée to us, were absolutely delicious, yet the octopus salad did not deserve all of the good notes on the blog of users of the nautical card, as one needed to take a magnifying glass to find the octopus! For desert, Renée suggested we try the Pistachio Halva - (hybrid between Spanish turon and French nougat) - which was interesting, especially accompanied by Whisky as per Renée, Kim, Olga and Roberto. Needless to say we went to bed sure to sleep well…
39:26.769N 20:00.750E