There is only one fish left in the Atlantic

Knotty Girl
Wed 26 Jun 2019 16:29
41:20.742N 16:55.182W
After considerable research, it is the conclusion of this correspondent that there is only one fish left in the Atlantic. In fact, I saw it today, so if you earn your living from hauling things out of the sea to sell to tourist-filled habourside restaurants, I suggest you find another career. 

Here is the evidence.

Recently, I have towed the most enticing looking (and expensive) lures through some the most mineral-rich fishing grounds in the North Atlantic, and caught virtually nothing. I was just about to pack all the gear away for a final time this morning, when a suicidal tuna made a kamikaze lunge from the sea to our fridge. It was followed almost immediately by second tuna, which, being clearly wiser than the first, opted to let go of my hook just before he was hauled aboard. This, therefore, is the only fish in the North Atlantic, because I have looked everywhere else and found nothing.

Photo is of the first tuna, which is now resident in our fridge ahead of its likely appearance later today as a first rate second course.

(With thanks to Captain E Blackadder)