Itakha south coast

Knotty Girl
Fri 12 Aug 2016 17:26
After a nice morning swim, we took off. Given that the weather forecast was announcing strong winds, we initially thought to go to Kefalonia Island at Ay Augfemia but while we were heading there with 2 reefs in the main and the jib, we saw a beautifully sheltered bay - O Ay Andreou - were we decided to anchor. Already a number of sailing boat had taken refuge in there and we had to try 4 times before our anchor held. Again it took Roberto and Tanya some time to put the mooring as the rocks were sharp as knives and hence we needed to protect our ropes. After a lunch made of basically all of the "rests" which we had in our fridge (and which in the end proved to be delicious and a unique salad), we all enjoyed a relaxing afternoon - some reading, some napping, some sunbathing, while looking at the white "foam" of the waves just outside of the bay and thinking that we were very well on our protected water house! The wind was nonetheless strong enough that we decided to take our aperitive and dinner inside the boat, yet with a view on a nice beach and some goats both on the beach and on the rocks! Renee offered Tanya, in anticipation of her birthday, a very nice summer like scarf in the blue tone - which Tanya loves ! We then all went to read and had an early night.