Knotty Girl
Mon 8 Aug 2016 16:06
After a small breakfast - but no pre-breakfast dive, we headed towards Antipaxos, Ormos Voutoumi (North East) - a beautiful bay, with a white sand beach and turquoise water - but already at 10:45 am crowded and this, we realised later - was actually NOT crowded! We anchored close to Vincenzo and his crew and enjoyed a beautiful morning swim in this amazing water! After lunch, we headed towards Ormos Pargas on the coast and enjoyed a perfect wind to put our spi up - which allowed Tanya to nap on the deck in its shadow - just what she needed! Just before arriving in Pargas we encountered a small "storm" with winds up to 30-31 knots but which lasted 5-10 min max before dropping quite completely. Luckily, our captain had seen it coming and we had taken the Spi down and prepared the main with 2 reefs and put our fantastic jib up. We found ourselves the only boat still with the sails, 8 other sailing boats - most likely part of a "flotilla" were motoring in rounds in the water. We watch the flotilla to see where they were going before deciding ourselves where to moor and decided not to moor in the bay in front of Pargas as the bay was very crowded. We decided to anchor in another by 3 miles from that one, Ay Kiriakis, which is surrounded by "reddish" rocks, which, with the sunset light looked gorgeous. In addition, cherry on the cake, we found ourselves the only boat anchored in it until another small boat arrived and decided to moor almost on the beach! The water was deep blue and we had a nice swim. Renée wanted us to test a pre-mixed "mojito" - which she had prepared with love 2 days ago, but which tested just like pure rum! Luckily Roberto came to the "rescousse" and out of something undrinkable, prepared a "drinkable" drink - but far from a mojito which all, but me, endeavoured to test! Roberto prepared some nice brochettes and aubergines on the grill for dinner, which we thoroughly enjoyed with a little breeze blowing in the cockpit. We then all looked at the sky in search of flying stars but without success for most of us except for Olga who saw 2 of them!