THE whale !!

Knotty Girl
Mon 5 Mar 2018 17:47
For the first time in a loooong time we had to moteur for our last crossing yesterday from the baie of Sainte Anne in Martinique to Rodnay Bay Harbour in St. Lucia but we are glad we did so as while crossing Roberto spotted a whale and possible *as per Roberto and Kim”with her baby (I only saw one jet personally but both of them saw two simultaneously). It was HUGE we saw it quite close but of course not too close as a bit scary !! It stayed at the same place for a long time hence we guessed there were plenty of fishes as suddenly is dived and we saw its queue - exactly like in poster pictures - absolutely MAGNIFICENT !!! We then had a last swim (well Kim will have one today again) in front of Pigeon Island and we climbed to see the view from the Fort Rodney on top of it - see picture !

Now cleaning the boat as we have to leave to the cold this evening…