Port Athens on Meganisi Island

Knotty Girl
Tue 9 Aug 2016 17:08

After a quick swim for some of us and breakfast, we left at 10 am sharp and had a nice sail under Spinnaker at 8+ knots (as we had up to 15 knots wind) towards the Ormos Lefkadas where we waited together with another 6-7 sailing boats and a couple of motor boat that the open the bridge to let the boats enter the Lefkas Canal. At 2.20 pm they opened the bridge and we motored along the very narrow canal next to a huge que of cars waiting for us to pass in heavy sun - so not so pleased! As we were starving we ate lunch - a nice potatoes salad prepared by Kim, while going through the canal. We came out of the canal about 1 hour later and had another wonderful sail with first both the genoa and jib in "papillon" style and then only with main and genoa until we reached our destination at around 5 pm, a big bay on Mongonesi island called Port Atheni. We moored in the relatively crowded bay, "à la Greque", so to say with two "mooring lines" on trees on land, which Tanya swan bravely to set up. Roberto then added two anti-rats gadgets on each of the mooring lines, as the island apparently was known to have lots of rats.
We had a nice swim and enjoyed a wonderful Caribbean Cocktail "Black and Stormy" prepared by Roberto.  We then had a nice appetiser prepared by Renée that had mangos, feta and balsamic vinegar followed by some delicious Salmon pasta prepared by Olga. We then all lyed on the front deck hoping to see shooting stars given that it is supposed to be THE couple of nights for this. We saw very few of them hence were disappointed and went to bed!