Still in Gouvia Marina, Corfou

Knotty Girl
Fri 5 Aug 2016 11:55

When we woke up the heat in the cockpit was already such (no comments) that we decided to have breakfast inside. Roberto then activated himself on the deck - he mounted a second anchor on our pushpit and added the “roll” in preparation for our mooring in places where we would need to put a “mooring lines” on land as is often the case in Greece.

Kim, Olga and Tanya - who could not believe had not being in the sea yet, decided to go for a swim on the closest beach and were accompanied by Roberto in dinghy. The shower after our small bath was definitively more refreshing than the sea temperature - which seemed more like our home bath temperature!

The 3 girls walked back to Gouvia Marina and awaited Roberto and Renée for a drink before going back to the boat for a nice light lunch made of a delicious melon with Parma ham and an excellent Greek goat cheese.

Then siesta time for all - the heat was hardly bearable and we certainly ALL very much welcomed the “air conditioning” in the boat!

Around 6 pm - we left to visit Corfu. When we started our visit across the tiny streets of Corfu, and walked up the “Old Venitian Castle”, we still felt the heat and our hat proved indispensable! The view from there on the old harbour and old town was just magnificent ! Getting lost in the small souk-like streets was just very nice. Lots of boutiques, a lot of the same and very “touristic”, yet the city is nevertheless worth visiting!

We had dinner in a very charming and delicious restaurant - a trip advisor “trouvaillle” called: Anthos. The owner, an Italian woman who married a Greek guy - was vey pleased to try her few words of French with us! Roberto and Renée treated themselves with a typical fish called: “King Fish“ which proved delicious and definitively was a demanded meal as we wanted to order three of them and could only order two, it was sold out already! Yet, it gave us a new motivation to fish that fish ourselves on Knotty Girl.

After a small digestive walk - no more space for ice creams unfortunately - we went back to Marina Gouvia.