A day full of discovery

Knotty Girl
Sun 23 Jun 2019 12:59
38:33.842N 28:30.854W

Day 1 - June 23   A day full of discovery  

After a wonderful day and evening in Horta on Faial (aka the Blue Island), discovering delicious local specialities (whale soup anyone?), traditions (have you ever heard of scrimshaw?), and last but not least THE most famous local institution, Peter’s Cafe Sport, known by sailors world-wide for its generously flowing gin and tonic. We also said said farewell to Manfred who braved some rough weather to bring Knotty Girl safely from Bermuda to the Azores, and welcomed Samira, Nadia and Alastair on board.

Probably the best discovery of all were the hundreds of colorful, original paintings lining the walls and pavements of the marina. Made by  sailors and crews from all over the world, they constitute a unique, living work of art, and of course WE were going to have ours too!!

There was only one challenge: where to get paint when all shops are closed for a public holiday….. but the team persisted and Nadia and Samira finished painting our beautiful Knotty Girl just in time this morning!

After breakfast, safety briefing and last preparations, we set sail for La Coruna at 10:45am this morning, heading ENE with sun and light wind. To avoid Alastair getting bored too quickly, Roberto decided after one hour to put the spinnaker up, and we just saw the first dolphins - what a great start !!