Nice anchorage in Ormos Isidoros

Knotty Girl
Tue 16 Aug 2016 17:02
Great pre-breakfast morning swim for Tanya followed by breakfast and electricity problem to be solved by Roberto, which made us leave relatively late, at 10:45. We motored, then put the main and Genoa up as there was between 8 and 12 knots "au près", yet not "au près serré" pour une fois! We had a nice tuna salad on our way and arrived in the Gulf of Corinth, in Ormous Isidoros at 3:45 pm - and were the first one to moor there, in front of a beach in nice blue waters! We took advantage of being early for Roberto to "desalt" Knotty Girls and for Tanya to continue to polish the metal parts of the boat, before taking a nice nap on the front deck and last swim and nice aperol spritz.
We then decided to take our dinghy to go to shore and walk along the beach. It seemed like a very nice resorts where Greeks vacation as people only spoke Greek. Roberto had read about a good tavern so we passed front it - it has typical greek food yet was very empty. Next to it seemed to be a nice bar where we thought we could come back after dinner for a last drink. We met a nice Greek man who saw us in front of his house with our camera and kindly suggested he takes a picture of us with a view on the bay, where Knotty Girl was anchored. We then went back to the boat to grill our own brochette and took the dinghy out again to go to the bar, yet to our surprise, the bar was actually closed and none to be seen, at 10:30 pm. Looking at is closer we realised that it was meant to open at 11 pm - so we realized our Swiss schedule is not matching the Greek one!