arriving in Athens

Knotty Girl
Fri 19 Aug 2016 11:04
We had an "early" start - namely 08:30 and to start with little wind, so we continued our "maintenance work", Roberto waxing all of the white gelcoat and Tanya the metal ones. Yet the wind finally came up to 12 knots and we were able to sail for some time in a perfect reach, 8 knots speed.
We arrived in Marina Zea  of Athens at around 12:00 pm, yet had to wait for about 30 minutes before the "marineros" could find our berth reservation! We had a quick lunch and started preparing the boat for leaving it for a month or two, namely covering the sales, cleaning the dinghy, etc. Of course, in the harbour, no wind, so it was almost "unbearingly" hot and not easy to have to do all of this in this heat! By 7:50 pm Roberto could finally take his shower - since an ex-Serono colleague of him, Yannis was to pick us up to go for dinner, with his daughter in the Varoulko high-end restaurant in Mikrolimano. We had a nice evening and enjoyed some very delicious sophisticated Greek cuisin