Restless of Auckland
Roland and Consie Lennox-King
Wed 27 Sep 2017 13:17


23.9 We were woken up by the Kraak Kraak of a Heron, chasing seagulls from her nest on top of a boatshed nearby. We were in Langford Creek East, up the Chester River. We had breakfast and set to work cleaning and tidying the boat, washing window covers and squabs, which dried very quickly in the sun, about 25’C.

We wanted to be in Annapolis for the start of the 505 World Championships on 24.9, Roland had raced in 5 Worlds, and hoped to catch up with some of the (older) crew.

Also, we have another crew member, Alan arriving on 26.9 from Scotland, in Annapolis, to cruise with us for 2 weeks and to help us put Restless away for the winter, in Deltaville.

24.9 After Sunday cooked breakfast we set off for Annapolis at 1030, with the tide. Being a Sunday there were a lot of boats out fishing and making the most of the weather, and the waterways were quite crowded. We arrived in Annapolis bay at lunchtime, in time to see the 505 Races cancelled for lack of wind. We motored into a very busy Annapolis, and tied up to one of the harbour moorings, @$35 a night. We were just near the Annapolis Yacht Club, that we visited 12 years ago, but in the meantime, it had burned down, lit by a fire from the Christmas tree. (A similar accident happened in the San Francisco Yacht Club some 40 years ago).

Chesapeake Crabcakes are on the menu, and we tried them out and found they are delicious.

We spent a couple of days catching up with friends Les and Mags,  Jack and Joan, John and Carol, a very sociable time.