Baddeck, Bras d'Or Lake, Cape Breton, cont'd...

Restless of Auckland
Roland and Consie Lennox-King
Wed 17 Aug 2016 17:55

9.8, after a visit from another local, we sailed to Gillis Cove, where we stopped for a walk ashore. the next day we dinghied into Orangedale, to find the General Store, and walked around the Railway museum. We saw some Bald Eagles hunting for fish. We sailed to the Barra Strait bridge, and before we could ask, the bridge opened.

On a sunny afternoon we sailed on to delightful Maskell harbour. Jane and Oliver were leaving us on 11.8 from nearby Baddeck, and we motored the 5.5nmiles into Baddeck, home of the Alexander Graham Bell museum. We refuelled, filled up with water, and bought fresh lobster rolls from the fish shop on the wharf. A regatta was on, with dozens of optis and other dinghies racing between the harbour and the lighthouse. We waved goodbye to Jane and Oliver, who took a taxi back to Sydney airport, and flew home to Toronto.

12.8, we went to the supermarket, and I did the laundry, but the dryer was broken, so we had a boatload of wet laundry, and light rain all day. We motored 6nmiles to quiet Deep Cove for the night, our only company was eagles and kingfishers. Consie updated our First Aid kit. We stayed 3 nights, as it was a perfect spot to do some polishing and cleaning in flatcalm water, to get ready for our next visitors, Fiona and Alan, arriving in Baddeck from Scotland for 2 weeks, we plan to sail to Halifax together. They arrived to a cold rainy day, similar to their own Scottish summer!