Restless Atlantic Report 3

Restless of Auckland
Roland and Consie Lennox-King
Tue 15 May 2007 16:28
Hello again from Restless!
Just a quick email as nothing much happens out here and it's only been a day since our last email!
Just a quick email as nothing much happens out here and it's only been a day since your last email!
We're currently at 35"54'N and 55"08'' West. We have 20-25 knots of wind, 4-6 foot swell, currently a reefed main and have had about 8-9 knots of speed for the last 24 hours. So making some good progress. 
All is well on board and not much to see except white caps and clouds. We did get paid a visit by a pod of about 20 miniature dolphins at dawn this morning... the smallest must only have been the size of a 1.5L coke bottle and the biggest wouldn't have been bigger than a dive bottle. Was pretty crazy, but they didn't stay with us long before disappearing.
No more action on the fishing front as yet but we're still positive.
OK, well gotta get off the computer now as we're calling Herb for our daily forecast and the power interferes with the signal.
We just had a little excitement ! James steering as Roland was waiting for Herb on the SSB and it started pouring and wind got up to about 25 knots and sea about 6-8 feet so quite fun...then Gilbert came out in his boxers to have a shower in the rain and before he finished we were hit by a front that we had been expecting for some time... the wind changed 90 degrees in about a second and got up to 40 knots. We crash jibed, blowing the splices in the runner and the track sheet. Roland came up on deck and we managed to reef the already reefed main and pull the gib in.... was pretty exciting..  then James steered in 35ish knots for the next hour getting soaked until it died off and was under control. 
Thats all for now,
Love from the crew of Restless .