Restless Atlantic Crossing - 13

Restless of Auckland
Roland and Consie Lennox-King
Sun 3 Jun 2007 00:24
Hello from Restless!
We are currently at 47:57N and 16:18W and have about 10-15 knots of breeze and between 5 and 6 knots of boat speed.
Well we have had a testing last few days and nights. Pretty much since leaving the Azores it has been blowing between 25-35 knots and the last 2 days have been no different except maybe a little stronger winds and a little bigger seas. Last night we had up to 40 knots before our wind gear decided to take a holiday and then it was down to guessing the wind speed for the night. Although we had only about a quarter of the main out and about half the staysail we still managed 9-10 knots of boat speed down some pretty hairy waves, so last night wasn't at all comfortable but was a lot of fun as we cowered in the cabin as waves broadsided the boat and we skidded all over the place down 10-12 foot waves! We also learnt that Gilbert's leaky cabin problem had returned only this time it was more like a waterfall rather than a leak. You'd hear a huge thud and the boat would shudder as the waves pounded into the side. Then the wall of water would plaster the entire boat as if we'd just had a helicopter with a monsoon bucket just tip a load of water on us! Then Gilberts cabin would shower with water as the boat sped off down the wave towards the next wall of water!
Very fun night though and although we were going faster and in bigger seas than the first gale we had just out of Bermuda it felt a lot more stable and we (probably only me) didn't feel as though we were going to roll every time a wave hit us!
So that's the most drama we've had in a while and to our amazement we woke up this morning to 10 knots, blue sky and only slightly lumpy seas, so we've had a beautiful day of sailing, drying and repairing things today. Some even braved a quick (and I mean quick) swim but the smarter of us decided to stay dry and dirty!
Moni, the wind vane performed beautifully last night and has been working a charm for the last few days. Come to think of it however we have had problems with the wind gauges and the centreboard was playing up again. Managed to resolve the centreboard problem, by taking the faulty switch out of the system (to be replaced in Ireland) and we've dried the gauges out but no success for them so far!
No dolphins in a few days however we had a small whale pay a visit last night at the exact time the 40 knot squall hit us (we think it was trying to warn us). It sort of looked like a dolphin but was a little bit smaller than an orca so we think a pilot whale or something, although we're not whale experts.
Also no fish as yet however this morning is the first time we've had the lines out since leaving the Azores so fingers are crossed for something. (other than tuna the guys are saying but I'm not fussy) Although we have caught a piper and a squid. Actually we found them on the deck so we can't really claim them but decided not to have calamari and instead had a photo with the catch and then released them as a gift to the fish gods for something bigger!
Well that's about enough from me, it's actually my watch at the moment so I should probably be tending to the sails or something. Maybe I'll go whisper sweet things to Moni so she's good tonight. You have to keep her happy otherwise she throws a tantee we've figured!
Anyway, we're all good, eating well, still getting along and looking forward to Ireland, not far now. 383 miles to be exact! - to the buoy off Cork harbour. 
On present course I think we'll make Cork by Tuesday, unless it comes in hard from the NE, then it may still be Falmouth, but I know all the crew want to see Ireland.
Keep the emails coming!
Love from the crew of Restless!