Ahoy from Restless - No. 7

Restless of Auckland
Roland and Consie Lennox-King
Tue 22 May 2007 01:11
Hi from the crew of Restless, we have been thinking of you going to the Great Wall and you being sick Livi - no fun being sick in Beijing.
We're currently at 40:13.50N and 39:25.37W travelling at 5 knots with 6-8 knots of breeze at a bearing of 105 degrees.
This is going to be a short update as not much has happened since our last update yesterday.
We still have this high with us and have had 6-10 knots of breeze since yesterday afternoon. We're making slow but steady progress and we only have 381 Miles to go until the Azores!
I think some of the crew are getting sick of tuna already! We had steaks for breakfast yesterday, sashimi for lunch, poisson cru (don't know if that's spelt right) for 1st course and Thai fish cakes for dinner! This morning it was cereal for breakfast (as we needed a little break from the tuna) but then had tuna and mayo sandwiches for lunch. Pat's on dinner and I think we'll be having tuna somehow! And then Happy Hour before night watches. We still have another 10 kg of tuna to eat in the next couple of days. (Thank you to Keir for sending us some new recipes!)
Well, although I wasn't allowed to put the line back out after our 2 catches we still managed to catch ANOTHER tuna! When we caught the fish the other night Gilbert and me were gutting and steaking on the stern and Roland was sorting out the rod and the hand line and he left the lure from the rod just skipping across the water about a meter behind the stern. We didn't think anything of this the next morning and it remained skipping across the water pretty much in the air 90% of the time. Well about the same time as the strikes the night before, last night we had just finished dinner and the line went again! Roland couldn't stop saying how cheeky the fish was to take the pretty much airborne lure but sure enough we pulled in another smaller albacore tuna, probably about 10-15lbs. So we had a photo session and then released the luckiest tuna in the Atlantic!
Well that's about the excitement for the day. We're currently watching a container ship slide past us and waiting to call into Herb to find out what this high's up to.
Will write again when something happens otherwise we're all well, boat's ship shape and sun's out!
Bye for now.