Restless in Faial in the Azores!

Restless of Auckland
Roland and Consie Lennox-King
Sat 26 May 2007 00:27
Hello from Restless in Faial!
So we're officially at 38:31N and 28:37W which puts us right in the heart of Faial!
We got to Flores yesterday but the only port there isn't sheltered from northeasterlies and as it happened we had northeasterlies! So we made the executive decision to press on to Faial, another 120 Mile approximately EAST of where we were! So that meant a night on the nose and we had 25-35 knot winds and 6-8 foot swell! To make things a little more interesting our self steering wind vane had decided it'd had enough and packed it in so we hand steered for the last 24 hours and are finally tied up in Faial checking in with customs, re-fueling, re-watering and cleaning the boat.
So it was an interesting last 48 hours or so with some big seas and some heavy wind but we made it one piece!
Also, on a sad note... we parted with the remains of the tuna this morning... we had only one bag left (of 7 bags) and it was at the end of its time. I don't think anybody will be ordering the tuna tonight though!
So we're here and safe and off to shower and explore the island! It's all volcanic so was an amazing sight to see all the sheer cliffs, huge caves and pillars and city, little white Portuguese houses with terracotta roofs dotted all over the island! I'll find out more about the island once I've actually stepped foot on it and enlighten you in the next posting!
K, we need to move the boat now so better lend a hand!
Love from the crew of Restless in the Azores, finally!