Return to Hebe

Wed 20 Aug 2014 02:17

19th August 2014


Return to Hebe and taking time out of life once more.
Malaysian Airlines were better than expected, hence our safe arrival. Had a fantastic stop over in Kuala Lumpur although 3 days in a concrete jungle is just about all I can manage and there's only so many luxury and designer shops you can look at.   Very glam hotel and we both thoroughly enjoyed both Asian food and Spa delights.  We braved  a massage in the couples room whereby the graceful masseuses literally clambered across our backs making me pass wind continually (Yes really!! Ed), then fall asleep and snore.  All very therapeutic no doubt.

View from the pool.

Next stop Brisbane en route to Vanuatu. If you think LA airport is picky you should try Brisbane. After dire warnings about declaring goods, I dutifully owned up to my 2 chorizo sausages lovingly brought from Spain via Waitrose for Harry (his favourite food).  The customs officer didn't seem to understand that we were virtually in transit and the sausages were sealed and were on their way to our boat.  Andrew had to drag me away eventually. GGGgrrrr
Then to cap it all they wouldn't believe we were joining our boat despite more protestations and iPhone images of us on Hebe.  So we had to again buy a return ticket. We got on the plane in a complete heap and Andrew left his hat behind.

It was so lovely to arrive back on a Pacific island without any Health and Safety rubbish about importing chorizo.  What we were met with was their new style of Post Office which is rather novel…. 

The airport taxi eventually found the secluded bay where Hebe was nestled, all alone. We fell out and after a Cooo eeeeeh they all came to meet us. Such a reunion with Tim too (Imogen's father)  Hebe looked pristine they had looked after her so well and all was perfect except my husband managed to block our heads the very first night, I told him not to have that curry…..

Great feasting and drinking followed and the next morning to cure a thundering hangover we went diving and snorkelling.   Wonderful.  I actually didn't sleep a wink, my mind so full of the events of the past 6 weeks and shuffling the memories into understandable compartments. But I could revel in the sounds of the Pacific islands, cocks crowing in the pre dawn dark followed by the burblings and chatterings of the dawn chorus, the gentle lapping of the water on the hull and the promise of an early morning dip.

Harry and Imo greeted us with presents galore….the flowery bermuda shorts are particularly fetching on Andrew, it felt like Christmas and so just good to back on Hebe Home.

Its back to the developing world….Imo trying to send an e mail !

She's in a wet suit after our anchor got stuck on what seemed like a buried unmarked wreck. Harry and Imo had to dive down to a mirky 30 metres to free it while Tim snorkelled above passing hand signals to me on the anchor and Andrew on the helm…..all in a day on Hebe.  The bananas were bartered for beers.
Fantastic !  Just had supper and saw a massive cockroach trying to get in the hatch. I think it flew in….we've been on a mission with nuclear weapons.  Hunt the roach…
More in our next instalment.
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