Day 5 Faster and faster

Fri 17 Jan 2014 00:39

WEdnesday 15th January

Went so fast overnight we have a record of 197 miles over the past 24 hrs and 194 the day before. The sea has BIG waves but we have our sea legs now and we are running with the wind and surfing down the waves so its OK.  Various breakages, Andrew and James did a salad nicoise for lunch and couldn't keep up with all the smashing and crashing of items, jar of coffee and tea container, along with the slops bucket…the salad was delicious.
Today we had to check Hebe's skirt to find a tear a foot long which Harry and I have been very sweatily repairing, Harry hammers the holes and I try to sew, an all day job.

Looks like we have no sails up but they're poled out in front. Its so ROLLY !!

Hope to be in San Blas islands by tomorrow night. Then its coral islands snorkelling and beers