Dashing away to Fiji

Wed 11 Jun 2014 07:01
11th June 2014


It was sad to leave Vava'u and we waved good bye to our lovely family who were all off to church. I would love to have gone but it was rough and our dinghy wouldn't have made the hour's crossing. Apart
from that we had to get checked out of Tonga.

David us handing over his book for us to write our memories in , Alice painted a picture of his bay in it.

Checking out of Tonga took almost 2 days, the bureaucracy was crazy, we also had to do immigration papers for Fiji which was even crazier. There are forms for everything, even booking a mooring ball. Obviously keeps the locals busy with jobs….must be where Gordon Brown ended up.

After dinner on our last night we fell into the Aquarium Bar where a large sea dog with a rich baritone  voice and guitar serenaded us all with his beautiful singing.  He was particularly good at Neil Diamond and after a few too many rums ,Alice and I gave, I have to admit, one of our better renderings of Sweet Caroline. 
(Thats what you thought - Ed)

It was interesting shopping for provisions; after weeks in French Polynesia where you could buy anything edible and delicious. Here it was a matter of gathering what you could find. Alice and I had a wonderful time in a dusty shop run by Chinese hunting through the shelves and rusty freezers. We bought more than we could carry and they gave us a lift in an even rustier van back to the boat.   Such a friendly place full of a people who value God and Family above material things.  Apparently there's no crime, such a change from Bora Bora where the locals were beating up some of the crew, and trying to steal from our boats. 
So it was a sad farewell we would have liked to explore more of the islands.

However not for long because within hours of setting off on our voyage to Fiji this happened…….

Harry and Imo landed a HUGE Mahi Mahi also called a Dorade. It took a while to reel in, during which time we could see this magnificent fish splashing vivid peacock blue behind the boat. It turned gold as we landed him and Imo poured a whole bottle of rum down its gills (not the 23yr old- Ed) before it eventually stopped thrashing.
A most beautiful creature with big eyes gazing sadly at us.  Never mind he is delicious and will last for days. 

Hebe has been doing her usual corkscrewing along at a furious rate and I have been feeling pretty rough, surely my body would be acclimatised by now ! 
Meanwhile our Alice appears to have a cast iron constitution and has been in her element doing watches and here sewing a chilli necklace……..

must be the Irish in her - begorra 

Another couple of nights at sea before we make landfall on Friday. The moon is almost full with Brer Rabbit shining down on us. 
 Hebe is behaving extremely well, batteries charging, fridge fridging with new seals and making water by the gallon.  A fore guy block blew off the deck probably just metal fatigue so she's clearly a bit tired but so far so good. As I write a couple of ARC boats are limping along near us with broken shrouds. We keep tabs on them on the radio. 

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