The Great Feast

Sun 8 Jun 2014 06:37
7th June 2014

David and Hika's Tongan feast.

David and Hika not only killed the fatted pig, they killed two for the ARC boats in Vaka'eitu Bay and invited us all to an evening of feasting in aid of their school. Having eleven children would make you pretty involved with the village school and of course David is chairman of the PTA…..probably has been for years. The school has 18 children but because of the age span needs a second teacher, hence the fundraising. Brings back memories of Whiteparish All Saints! 
Imo spent all afternoon watching and photographing this great event and got some terrific shots -  National Geographic watch out.  (Hebe in the background-Ed) 

The boys helped in the preparations ………..
there go the guts!

and in the cooking………

Tim from Ghost along with Pietro valiantly turned the spit for hours as well. 

Soon the beach was filled with our friends and the smell of pork making our tummies rumble. The piggies were young and tender with the most divine crackling we all had the fat pouring down our chins as we gorged ourselves.  Harry made some concoction with Ting lemon powder and rum which went down rather well, getting  low on stocks. Lots of spirits and no mixers. 

After eating our fill and sampling yams and cassava and all the ARCy offerings, we were serenaded by the children……..

Then David sang a beautiful lament…….Hika sitting with little Rosemary.

Followed by renderings from the Irish.  Derry sang something ribald in Gaelic clutching the remains of his wine box. Donagher and Brian followed and we all joined in the bits we knew…

David gave a speech of gratitude which had us all in tears as we had raised enough to match the government funding for a teacher and with a couple more feasts they would be good for another year. If you want to sponsor a teacher in Vava'u just contact us.
We gave David and Hika our hurricane lamp which, as Harry said, gave us as much joy in the giving (and the kerosene and wicks-Ed) as the pleasure we had had using it over the year. Its humbling how easy it is for us to make a difference. 

This morning they were all up bright and early in their Sunday Best off to church, they gave us a lovely leather bound book for us all to write in where we read of the feast  last year which paid for the dock on Lape where the school and church is. It takes an hour in their tiny boat.  

Stop press …..a picture of Imo leaving Mariner's Cave 

WOW ….  you just hold your breath.
Today its blowing a hooly with lashing rain and we're all huddled at anchor in another bay off Tapana island sleeping it off.  How things change, thank heavens it was fine yesterday.

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