Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Fri 21 Feb 2014 00:39
20th February 2014


Not wishing to waste another moment we sailed over night to Santa Cruz the main centre of the Galapagos.  Discovered en route, however, that our GPS charts didn't tally with the radar, (boats with AIS seemed to be anchored on dry land)  so some hasty maths and chart work, luckily our very ancient paper chart was pretty accurate. it made entering Santa Cruz bay in the dark with only one navigation light to guide us, amid the masses of lights in the town,  somewhat precarious.  The Admiralty didn't survey these islands….the Equadoreans did. 
Santa Cruz is a shock - a town with traffic and bustle and not so many smily faces.  Extremely hot here, the best way to go shopping is with an umbrella, with the sun directly overhead its terrific shade. I think I'd actually prefer a freezer on my head.

Here is the fish market…..

Front of house

….and behind the scenes.

Tomorrow we are going on a 4 day tour boat, not sure how Andrew 'I don't do buses'  will find it.  Other ARCy folk are on the tour, the more adventurous ones doing their own thing, including Harry and Imo who are taking Hebe over to Isabella island which has 3 volcanoes and they can go cliff jumping, lava tubing and diving with hammerheads.    
Exclusive details of our adventures will await our return to Hebe home on Tuesday. 
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