Leg 3 Day 2 At sea again.

Tue 4 Mar 2014 14:40
MOnday 3rd March 2014


All trundling along heading south to find the southern trade winds and the south Equatorial current, then its wonderful sailing all the way to beautiful Polynesia.
Ali is getting into the routine, great to have a DJ sorting out the music. He reckons he's getting more sleep with the watches than in London.

The thing about sailing in the southern hemisphere is we're always on a port tack, up north it was generally starboard. One advantage is when you use the microwave the plate doesn't fly across the galley, but of course now when you open the fridge the contents hit you in the face.
Before we set sail we did an inventory of food and liquids , Andrew and James had filled the coffers with fruit juices, milk and cans back in Panama. Andrew opened the locker under the saloon seat to find about 8  packs of fruit juice quivering like balloons, the words Refridgerate emblazoned on the front.  I am amazed they didn't all explode just shows you how strong Tera packs are. Lots of 'Well I didn't know" from Andrew.
The liquids I liked the best were these……
Caiperina's. A glass stuffed with lemons, ice and Cane liquor. A great way to get Vitamin C.
Each day the fleet talks on the SSB radio giving our position and exchanging news. 5 boats got tangled up with fishing nets yesterday, we saw the huge factory ship lit up like a beacon.  They have hoovered up all the fish here and only Alpharatz has caught one…..rats again, they do have about 5 rods.  We're not very successful I'm afraid.  

Really lucky to have another windy start yesterday, we've always had a good spectacle,

makes me want to cry each time, all the boats setting off again battling to race ahead, then tonight everyone plodding along with our engines  desperately seeking trades.  South south and rather slowly south.