Elections Galapagos Style

Sun 2 Mar 2014 21:25
28th February 2014

Must just recount the election rally we had on Santa Cruz, just as an interesting comparison with our rather boring campaigns at home.
The square by the harbour was decked out with platform, monster speakers, balloons and flags with reggie music blaring the names of the two candidates.
Then the entire population turned out riding whatever vehicle they owned to parade through the town. In the lead the bikes and scooters piled up with all the family, babes on the fuel tank, then the jeeps with kids on the roof and everyone hanging out the back, trucks, even the sewage lorries and diggers with all the family waving in the bucket.  Finally the two fair ground trains an elephant and a caterpillar all heaving with people wobbling away with all shrieking with laughter.  The atmosphere was so festive, everyone waving flags or flares and blowing horns and whistles. The first procession all in red T shirts supporting their waving cheesy guy, then the second procession all in green T shirts, but they were all the same people just swapped T shirts. What a hoot. They all had a wonderful time. Sadly no pictures I forgot my camera and it was night time.  Fireworks added to the fun especially as they were fired into the crowds. 
The election was a few days later and guess what no alcohol allowed to be sold for 3 days just to make sure everyone had sobered up enough to vote.  The red T shirt guy won.  I think he had some slogan about Revolution but life goes on much the same here with the sea lions on the benches.

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