Chapter 1 Verse 1

Fri 4 Oct 2013 23:13
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Here beginneth the Odyssey of Hebe, chapter 1 verse 1 beginning at the first verse
Gibraltar to Madeira
Thursday 2nd October 1013
After 3 months of Hebe holidays around the Balearics we headed back to Gibraltar and having filled the coffers at good old English Morrisons - Branston, Mars bars and Marmite- we slipped our lines before dawn this morning and bid farewell to British waters proudly flying the Union Jack. Destination Madeira, about 4-5 days 600 miles. The tide took us out into the Straits passed the mighty mountains of Morocco and the Rock of Gibraltar as the sun rose, very exciting, made even more delightful as we had fair weather. After the battering we had trying to get into the Med in June it was a relief to have an easy ride getting out. Masses of dolphins enjoying the fish that surge through the Straits in the current.
Followed the Moroccan coastline past Tangiers amongst all the little fishing boats, annoyingly the only thing we caught with our fancy fishing line was another fishing boat which promptly took the lot. Worse still we snagged a load of submerged rubbish fishing net and lines and once again poor Harry had to go over the side and cut the prop free. The sea is cold as the current brings in Atlantic deep water. It was a relief to get back out into open water and see land disappear. The swell evens out and the boats movement becomes comfortable again.
Weather benign but alas not enough wind to sail so trundling along.
First night in the Atlantic and all settling into the watch system, lovely to have Captain Tim onboard keeping us all amused with his daring do stories. All have to take it in turns cooking, looking forward to Tim and Andrew's culinary offerings.