Day 6 1000 miles down yay!

Mon 10 Mar 2014 05:28

Saturday 7th March 2014


Now that's a pretty sight.

 - Alistair on Mother Watch, involves heads and swiffing, keep smiling Pal.  Harry has been seen in an apron for this but as yet with his shorts ON. 
You never know what each day will bring, yesterday it rained again and we had to motor for ages gggrrr. Sang the entire repertoire of Queen watching for the wind ripples from the south, the sails went up in time for KIller Queen - perfect. Then when the wind came it was bang with vengeance the sea swelled and off we went like a bullet. All through the night roaring along with the foam whooshing alongside. Ali saw his first dolphins who happily danced with Hebe for half an hour in the moonlight. 
Andrew Mr Gadget man can now WiFi his iPad in the cockpit speakers so is his own DJ on his watches. He had Jimmi Hendrix today I'm surprised a sperm whale didn't ram us.

 Ali's tan is moving from white to pale beige while mine has developed on a racial scale - Punjab? He's doing an epic meal at the moment roasting a whole fillet from Panama, and Harry and Imo have just put the kite up for a nice sundowner.  

New slave on Hebe. Heave. 

Still no fish, I worry the Pacific has been so depleted by Chinese factory ships . We do get flying fish landing on deck but they're so stinky nobody wants to cook them.

Heading west only 2000 miles to go !

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