Leg 3 Day 4 What do we do aboard?

Thu 6 Mar 2014 00:53
4th March 2014


The amazing navigators on Hebe have done it again getting us into the almost trade wind belt. Cranking along with a flowing current sweeping us to our destination, beam reach and averaging 9 knots.  We have dried everything out after the deluge yesterday and haven't needed to fuss around with Hebe's posh sails. She's loving it as are we. 
So what do we do all day?


Well this for a start …Ali has found a recipe that requires WINE so we 're looking forward to a sundowner soon. He reckons he hasn't been this long without booze since primary school.


Now where are we? We have sunshine so can take our noon sightings, if we remember. 


Lord Lax in his element   (The wind is up his shirt - Ed)  Cushions for his haemorrhoids.


and I'm crocheting….note the 2 I did earlier displayed on my knees.  

As you can see its all go on Hebe today.  Fishing still not very successful, ANOTHER one got away yesterday at least 3 foot long. What are we doing wrong. Surprisingly little marine life though we briefly saw dolphins our first day leaping in a feeding frenzy.
Last night we had to motor through this heavy rain no wind scenario and the steaming lights attracted squid which Harry promptly fried and ate. He's now designing a squid lamp with a frying pan so they just leap straight into it.

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