Still in UK 7 days to go…..

Sat 2 Nov 2013 17:40
Hi everyone,
We're still at home rather anxiously preparing for our departure. So much to do, Andrew has that 'Meet me at the check in' look, which is rapidly turning into " I may come out later…."
Its weird how life at home is so vastly different it's hard to think about the Atlantic. I've been bombing up and down to London in the white van doing removals and getting stuck into the garden. Then Harry e mails to say we don't appear to have a chart of the North Atlantic….. another thing for the list. Rather madly I have been learning to crochet, apparently it's easier to do squares as we tootle along, I had this marvellous idea of knitting tea cosies for presents, I'm still on number one which has gone a funny shape and the birds on the front look like dinosaurs, its far too complicated but I will keep going, though knitting needles are more of a hazard than a crochet hook.
Hebe is now in the Canaries and we will be flying out on 9th all being well, then its preparations full steam ahead.
I will do lots of pictures I promise,