Las Perlas Islands

Sat 1 Feb 2014 02:56
31st January 2014


Harry's cooking supper tonight, sadly we didn't catch anything as we sailed away from Panama City to Las Perlas.  So its fish from the freezer. We are now anchored very gently bobbing in the Pacific Ocean off a Las Perlas island.  I leapt in the moment we arrived, it's colder than the Caribbean, green and tidal so swiftly flowing.  We had a lovely gentle sail today not a lot of wind rather extraordinary that just 20 miles away over the other side of the isthmus the sea is blue and foaming with the trade winds blowing constantly. Saw some dolphins though so far we have seen very few marine mammals.  Lots of birds here though -  as the sun set a squadron of pelicans flew in a line weaving up and down just above the surface, looked very primeval and would have been a fantastic picture. Just heard there are sea water crocodiles eeeeks. 
The islands are rocky (no coral) with deciduous trees, they all look a bit sad as its the dry season, spring brings the rain.

Harry and Imo hooked up with all the other young crew from the ARC boats last night for a final bender, they staggered in around 4am.  Its great there are others their age as all the owners are ancient!  Harry found a surf board at last, we have all the toys now kite surfing for flat seas and surf boards for waves, not to mention the dive gear.  No wonder we are storing melons and pumpkins by our beds. James has all the booze on the bottom bunk in the Burns Unit.  We made an executive decision to replace half our bottled water stores with beer.



Bye Bye Panama


Bye Bye red tide pollution - stinks of dead fish.


The banished bananas on the stern.