Here we are :)

Sat 5 Oct 2013 19:35
33:40:5N 013:41:4W

Here we are again bobbing about in the Atlantic, last night didn't see a single ship, no moon so the stars were amazing, shooting stars and phosphorescence in our wake. Occasionally a dolphin splashes silver and streaks like a streaming sparkling torpedo beside the boat in the dark.
We have creatures on board a goldfish called Dart that Harry won in a dart game, He sits on the gimbals on the cooker at sea and has so far survived being tipped out in a gale.
Last night we all heard the cheerful chirruping of a cricket clearly from Spain, he's hiding in a cupboard somewhere and pipes up in the evening, I wonder whether he'll survive until Madeira.
This morning on early watch we saw not just one but TWO whales sleeping on the surface blowing happily. We tried to sneak up on them but they dived. Then later a turtle floated by with a fin in the air waving at us but Imo decide he was actually dead.
Just now a poor little swallow flew around the boat perhaps wanting to rest, seemed to be heading in the wrong direction?
Tim stubbed his toe so nursey to the rescue he heroically still managed to cook dinner, chorizio and spuds, delicious.
The wind swung to beam and we flew the kite all morning until the wind died, super fun and great to get the engine off. Its been such a quiet crossing. Tomorrow we should see Madeira yay!