Ozzie or Bust Day 1

Thu 2 Oct 2014 22:13
1st October 2014


When it came to it we were not sad to leave Vanuatu and as the land disappeared over the horizon on Hebe's final leg to Australia, we were all full of excitement at seeing a new continent and family in Imo's case. 
The weather forecast is good in that the trades will carry us on our voyage but there is a nasty low over New Zealand at the moment and the swell from that will hit us at the week end and we'll be rocking around the clock…oh dear. 

It was pretty rolly when we set off and the first day saw us fairly galloping along at 8-9 knots with blue sky and waves hitting us side on which had Andrew and I confined to bed holding our tummies.  Andrew managed to hurl some spag bol out of the galley and then we savoured chocolate ice cream. The ice cream in Port Vila has been fabulous and we've organised the freezer to fit lots in.  Its the first time we've been able to get it back to the boat before it melted. 

My green ideas about rain water harvesting have brought nothing but grief and so for the second time we've managed to put to sea with a cock open….and sea water in the tank.  The trouble with these cocks is they're buried and you can't get at them easily.  I presume because Hebe is a woman.  

Apart from that she's behaving well and I am about to descend to the galley to prepare meals for the week end. I have all these wonderful ideas for meals when strolling around the plentiful market always forgetting they have to be prepared on a merry -go-round.

It's a relief to know these waters, named as the Coral Sea, have been charted by the Australians and perhaps the French as well. There are reefs around and old subterranean mountains but our nav systems are working and the charts are good. 
Unlike Fiji where you just had to look ahead….


Navigation Fiji Fashion.

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