Day 6 Dinghy Boy's Birthday

Tue 7 Oct 2014 01:37
Monday 6th October 2014


Happy Birthday Harry, his second Hebe birthday, and we celebrated in style even though he was strapped to the tiller half the time. He was fed his favourite morsels throughout the day, starting with chocolate ice cream for breakfast, then pancakes, Imo made a fabulous Black Forest Gateau and finally bangers, mash and gravy followed by loads more ice cream. As a result none of us could sleep and when we did had weird and vivid dreams…(Imo put LSD in the cake - Ed)

Hi Mum 

Final night on Hebe, last sunset, last dinner on the open sea, we are all feeling so nostalgic. Starting to count down the miles, the wind died overnight and we had to start motoring at least we can whack the thing up full blast as we have tons of fuel. Brisbane here we come !

is that another bowl of ice cream there? 
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