Fwd: Rest In Peace

Tue 12 Aug 2014 07:26

5th August 2014
Rest in Peace   Sarah Margaret Hope Peel BEM  4th Feb 1953 - 26th July 2014

 It has been a real privilege caring for Sarah with her three wonderful sons during these final 5 weeks up in her home in Pocklington, Yorkshire. Andrew for his part ran all the errands and gave lots of moral support as nursing isn't his forte.  We are so glad to have had this time all together.
Sarah's funeral was very special, as funerals go.  She had worked for many years in the visitor centre of the high security prison, HMP Full Sutton and was awarded The British Empire Medal for her excellent work.  The prison turned out in full for her funeral, I am not sure who was left running the place. Sarah's coffin was draped with the Union Jack and she had a guard of honour from all the officers.  The music and tributes were all moving and her sons were very proud of their dear Mum

We are now going to rest and recover at home, I am looking forward to doing some mindless weeding and sleeping in our own bed. 
Andrew will be dreaming of Hebe and of returning to complete our voyage to Australia. 

Harry and Imogen have been minding the boat in Fiji,  carrying out vital repairs and lots of maintenance. Imo's father has been helping which I hope he has enjoyed,  and at the moment I believe they are actually en route to the island of Tanna in Vanuatu where we plan to join them.  

As usual I can't get my head around any of it, I can never imagine being on the boat when I'm here and when I get there our life in England disappears. Is it an age thing? 

Oh dear my husband has just booked our flights, such a cheap deal darling he chirps …..on Malaysian Airlines.