On Dry Land

Thu 15 May 2014 21:07
15th May 2014
Just a little update from Oz where I flew to today. Escape from Alcatraz.

Just before the next leg to Suwarrow our water maker decided to pack up, just after they'd fixed our leaking gas valve…..
All hands to the pump as they say and here's Derry and Brian from the Irish boat along with H Boss having sealed the leaking pipe. Woo Hoo literally moments before the race start.

Meanwhile our wonderful ARC Rally Controllers were blasting the fog horn for the start…..
Hebe started a bit late as did the Irish Avocet but no doubt will catch up really quickly being such ace sailors. Firefly made a cracking start as ever bang on the start line and in the lead….well done Paul and Suzie.

Here are our intrepid Rally Support….Paul and Suzannah, they are simply fantastic and make World Cruising a possibility for everyone (even you)
The dinghy is driven by Teiva the Maikai Yacht Club owner and chef with his gorgeous wife Jessica and their little boy. Teiva had to police the bay at night as well as provide delicious meals in the day. They are a terrific team. Must go on Trip Advisor…..hope I can, I'm still struggling with What's App.  But back in civilisation where everything works it'll be a doddle.

Good Luck Hebe on your voyage to Suwarrow see you in Tonga.