Hello from the Samoan Basin

Mon 26 May 2014 06:03
26th May 2014
Just had news from Hebe that they have been battling heavy seas between Suwarrow and Nuie. 35 knots fully reefed and feeling sick….golly am I glad I am on terra firmer in sunny Sydney in our little B&B with a stationary loo.


View from our B&B

Poor things its the worse weather they have had the whole of the Pacific and a far cry from the peace and tranquility of beautiful Suwarrow. Having seen the photos I was beginning to feel slightly envious but now remember why it's nice to be here instead.
Andrew said the weather was beginning to abate thankfully and they were due in Nuie soon. Electrics playing up and a decent sparky required.
Bon Voyage Hebe
Meanwhile Alice and I have been giggling over Oz road signs especially the one on the motorway which says Wrong Way Go Back which cracks us up every time.