The Spotty Botty Club exits Galapagos

Sun 16 Feb 2014 17:51
Sunday 16th February 2014


You just never know what each day will bring. On our arrival all yachts were boarded by the Environmental Gestapo, 8 of them in their hiking boots clutching their various checklists. They photographed our washing up liquid (bio ) peered into our fridge (no oranges, all juiced by Andrew) and alas confiscated our beloved crocodile ( drift wood from Las Perlas ) now quarantined in the lab. 


Divers checked our derrieres and it is this that has given poor Rally Control a real headache.  Basically over half the fleet failed.  So today finds us all bobbing about outside the National Park waters having our bottoms scrubbed by divers. There's some organism we've picked up, no idea what it is as Harry and Imo removed all our weed and barnacles.   
These Enchanted isles have been raped by man ever since their discovery in the 16th Century, and today tourism is having its impact, so we are happy to oblige and we had a fantastic overnight sail in the brilliant moon light.  


Can you see the iguana bottom right looking at the picture?

So far we've been enjoying quaint San Christobal with all the busy water taxis in the harbour, their happy drivers making a mint from the fleet, the youngsters out surfing in the day and partying at the Iguana club, dancing 'til dawn. 
Andrew and I snorkelled in a local bay and saw a massive ray, called a spotted eagle ray.  I was seriously surprised as I was pottering about in the shallows peering at tiddlers  when this huge thing waved past me. It stayed in the shallows for ages delighting all on the beach.


Being a Saturday the locals were hanging out sunbathing next to the sea lions who are really the ones in charge here.  We are discouraged from using our dinghies because, when we return, they'll be full of sea lions!  

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