Boat life Highs and Lows

Mon 3 Feb 2014 03:25
It's taken the Hebe crew some time to come to terms with the loss of one of their longest serving crew……Dart.  Sadly this brave little goldfish found life onboard too much after 4,500 miles and committed suicide on arrival in the San Blas islands. He jumped out of his cereal container whilst we were all out partying our first night.  Imo was distraught, not sure about Harry's feelings as he was always cursing the little creature.  Dart did have a tough life, on passage getting splashed out in the sink when the cooker was in use but we all really thought he would hang in there until Australia. His place on the side is still known as Dart's place, used for sunglasses and a conch.

Laundry is also sometimes a hazard, now we are in clean water the water maker is working and also the washing machine though only on K, we have faith in K bless her, but all the other cycles are kaput.  An entire king sized sheet escaped overboard from the line just vanished as we ate lunch, I even snorkelled under the boat….no sign. 

This morning we joined our Ghost friends and went rock pooling on an island that only appears at low tide, we saw eels, pretty fish, weird black spiky starfish and hundreds of crabs. We then dinghied over to a deserted beach, built a fire under a shady tree and ate fresh tuna that Tim from Ghost caught during the short ride in the dinghy. AWESOME.  The youngsters made a hut from palms using a panga.  All trace of our visit was erased with the tide which was rather nice.


Des Res…... 


completed…..                                Imo, Harry, Olly, and Pietro


Lunch!  Thanks Tim Hunter Gatherer ( you can just see our boats in the distance)

Off at dawn tomorrow to islands new.

Janie Lax
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