Day 4 Rats and double rats

Wed 15 Jan 2014 18:53

All that excitement with the Parasailor went a bit wrong at 3am ….the wind got up so we got the big girl's skirt down all hands on deck getting our clipped on lines muddled up with the sail's lines and everything being stuffed into the wardrobe. Unfortunately we then saw that the snuffer ring was damaged, like a big fibreglass loo seat, and perhaps tiny shards may tear the sail, and after her first outing too. We can hopefully get another snuffer in Panama. The wind has steadily increased and we headed for our way point off the coast of Colombia. Since then we have been cracking off down the coast with poled out head sails, and getting faster and faster.


Sophie we thought of you when you stayed along the Colombian coastline, here's us bowling along.

Getting bouncy!!