Day 14 7/12/13

Sat 7 Dec 2013 18:52

Que ce qui ce pas alors ??  Here we are in a gentle Force 3,  coaxing the spinnaker along day and night, cloudy and drizzly. Where's the glorious ocean swell? Where are these s******g trades? We wanna go surfing ! 
Andrew has already ordered another colourful sail to add to Hebe's wardrobe, this lady is high maintenance. 
On board life goes on contentedly, pulses sprouting, goldfish rocking gently ( relieved not to be beating and emptying out in the sink) and bananas down in the net happily ripening.
Sarah wears the marigolds on this ship and gets teased mercilessly poor girl, even called Bilge Queen the other day. The boys are very naughty, not paying attention to cleaning lessons.  Peter desultorily  pushing the dirt around with the swiffer and Andrew cleaning everything with the same cloth….heads and galley, and using all the wrong products. Much as she tries to get Hebe ship shape disaster strikes at every turn, yesterday Sarah was hit by a fish flying through the hatch as she was reading the voltage and another slapped her full in the face up on deck. We've had some epic meals everyone coming up with surprises. Its Hells KItchen tonight. Ingredients, sausages, squash, yellow peppers and red cabbage…..mmmmmm
Mon Dieu what was I saying about contented boat life alors? Just had an epic wrap at lunchtime and I'm not talking Mexican cuisine. Hebe got her knickers in a twist big time , it took us all an hour to unravel and untangle the spinnaker. Now feeling rather nervous about helming. Like having a wild animal on board…..

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