Day 3 Bound for Polynesia

Wed 5 Mar 2014 03:58

4th March 2014


Well its been bucketing with rain all day and into the night.  I feel I can now look the people of Britain in the face.  They call it an equatorial trough which means we've had a breezy day cracking along in the right direction, but lots of squalls and latterly continual rain. Such a change from last night which was incredible a sickle  new moon setting to a golden glow and the stars lighting the heavens and the sparkling phosphorescence of the waves. Andrew and Ali saw a massive meteor streaking the sky. 
Some of the more pedestrian yachts have enclosed cockpits which are more like lorry cabs I don't think they get to see any of these wonders. It can take your breath away when you climb into the cockpit for your watch.  
Imo made a scrumptious dinner of fish in lime and coriander while we all battled once again to pull down the A sail (asymmetric spinnaker) I always end up sitting on it .  Having had a real mare, as Harry calls it, with the parasailor getting twisted we tried our big A sail first and this one had the same problem, we had been keeping them in separate lockers so they couldn't confer.  So finally the small A sail went up and had to come down as a huge squall arrived. Up and down like a whore's drawers as Andrew puts it. You'd think Hebe would behave herself with her fancy wardrobe of colourful sails. 
Earlier today I was moaning because I couldn't use the shower as the boat was so heeled over the drain wouldn't work, now this afternoon you just need to stand on deck with shampoo.  If Discovery are reading this it would be great to have 2 drains one each side…...
Ali showed us the film he made of his boys Hebe holiday in the summer, all set to music, brilliant.  I'm amazed they all survived with drinking games involving walking the plank.,
Sophie has booked her flights, out in about 6 weeks, via LAX hooray. 
Signing off looking out into an inky black night, rolling along with the engine on wondering where all that wind went. Keeping heading south.

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