Embrerer Indian village

Thu 30 Jan 2014 15:01
29th January 2014

Spent 3 days in Panama during which Andrew 'I Don't Do Buses' joined me on a Panama City tour…..he lasted 2 hours. Circumnavigators do not like being herded like sheep. He bolted into a wild taxi then started to enjoy himself. The old dilapidated city and the expanding new part which is beginning to resemble Dubai.

One evening we went downtown to the fish market where we were assured we could eat in the restaurant there, we found ourselves amid the end of the day's rubbish and chaos with the workers eating street food. Being a Monday the restaurant was closed. its exciting finding yourself in the wrong place, H&I are of course intrepid travellers in Central America so used to it all.


Did repairs -  frustrating getting things delivered by UPS I am astonished anything ever finds us at all. To Andrew's joy the new Iridium dome arrived so we are in contact on hebe {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com…..no attachments please, but we'd love to hear from you in words. 

 I think the iridium arrival was the boys' excuse not to join us on the Indian village tour. It was rather like childbirth all simply wonderful once you obliterated the constant rabbiting of the tour guide.  
Imo came with me with her camera, she's got a great eye for a photo and looked so stylish and professional against all the Americans waving their iPads around gggggrrrr.

After the bus journey to the Chagres River during which our tour guide missed the turning by about 45 minutes as he was blathering so much, u turns and lots of phone calls of the Where the ***** are you, we reached the shore and our dug out canoes. We were taken up the beautiful river to the village where we were given a traditional welcome, the women  and children wearing hibiscus crowns. We felt really connected to them as they smiled into your eyes and were very tactile and warm. Imo and I were bowled over and I spent every dollar I had on a basket and rosewood carving of humming birds.  Exquisite handiwork. We all got henna tattoos and lunch of talippa fish and plantains in a palm basket.and on our return paddled our canoes to a waterfall where we had a monster refreshing shower, me in my beige M&S underwear, if only I'd known.


Lovely Zuleica who made my basket. (in the orange bag) The henna acts as an insect repellant too. 


The gorgeous children playing with crayons one very thoughtful visitor had brought along. As a result we have a cupboard full of Crayolas. 

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