Shelter Bay, Colon

Sat 25 Jan 2014 12:29

Wednesday 22nd January

Left San Blas at dawn heading up the Panamanian coast to the entrance of the canal. Rather grotty weather and the beauty of San Blas was but a dream as we headed in choppy seas, grey skies and unpleasant wet squalls up the coast for about 10 hours, we were wondering if we had been transplanted to the Solent.

Around the canal entrance there were loads of vast tankers looming out of the mist and rain, we had them all over our radar mostly anchored fortunately with the odd one careering towards our little boat.

The entrance was exciting with massive breakwaters and crashing waves, cranes and ships and us tootling in as fast as we could to get out of the way, then inside all is quiet and we moored in the marina inside the breakwater with jungle on one side and lots of other ARCy friends' boats. Its always such a party when we get somewhere, and we crack open the beers!!


I love this picture of a Kuna loo !


Entrance to the Panama canal