Day 3 Unhappy Hebe

Sun 5 Oct 2014 02:52
Friday 3rd October 2014


It all seemed to be going so well, Andrew and I had got our sea legs and I was just about to get out some crochet when Hebe threw a spanner in the works….she sure doesn't want to break up with us all. So she decides to smash the gears in a transmission box in the steering shaft… the dear peoples of Vanuatu would say 
her steering is bugarup finish…causing a cucking falamity !!
Imo and Harry went into action mode and in moments they were rigging up the emergency tiller as Andrew looked on ashen ….we still had 900 miles to go, there was a stiff breeze strengthening, and very choppy sea due to the many reefs and shoals we had to navigate. In fact just about the worst time for Hebe to have a paddy.

Our cabin moments after wards….
Imo was terrific when the shit hits the fan she keeps smiling. 

Celebration tinny as Hebe steers again.

As you can see we have to sit out on the stern coach roof to manage this arrangement and by the evening the waves were crashing around and we had to be strapped in wearing pretty much every garment we had. It was a long first night taking 4 hours on 4 hours off in pairs working an hour at a time on the tiller. The weather forecast cheerily said the conditions were due to deteriorate at the week end. 
Harry spent hours trying to lash the tiller and set the sails, as were close hauled around these reefs, so that she would sail herself. This would work for a while but she needed constant adjustment. We laughed imagining Hebe is behaving like a woman scorned, she doesn't want to be abandoned in Brisbane.  This was a good ploy to have Harry caressing her tiller and playing with her sheets….the little madam! 

To be continued……. 

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